Crystal Truong - 5 Stars

Brady came to photograph my calligraphy workshop this past Saturday, and delivered the photos back to us on SUNDAY. Talk about lightning speed!

He showed up early was professional and personable. He was able to get shots of all the attendees, as well as myself, while I was in my element. The shots were up-close-and personal, and all the small details were captured-- just the way I wanted it! I'm not exactly sure how he did this without getting in everyone's way, but somehow, it happened... looking back, I remember hearing the camera snap a few times, but overall, he was very discrete, like a ninja!

Thanks again, Brady! The photos you took at the event were bright and beautiful, and all the students, as well as staff at MM are in love with them! I would have you come back in a heartbeat!


Teo Ungureanu - 5 Stars

What makes Brady special amongst all other photographers are his visions. Not only does he know his camera and softwares inside out but he is so unique he always finds a way to make his and his customer's visions come to life, and that takes a special kind of talent. I love working with him, he is sweet, funny, friendly, and makes me feel comfortable at all times. All in all, you can tell from the start he does his work with pleasure and puts his heart and soul into it.


Ruby Piper - 5 Stars

Brady's work is absolutely incredible! He really knows how to capture a person's personality through photography. My senior pictures were stunning!! I was honestly amazed by how authentic and natural all of the photos turned out. Plus, during the shoot we were having fun and laughing the whole time. Brady is a sensational person and photographer and I would definitely recommend him to anyone!